Projects at Proxi
Over the course of 8 months as the sole UX Designer at Proxi, I researched and designed 14 new features for the map creator portal and redesigned 16 web pages on the company's website. As of January 2024, I continue to work with Proxi on a project-by-project basis.
Time Frame
April - Nov 2023
My Role
UX Designer
Figma, FigJam, Google Meet, Notion, Miro
about proxi
Proxi is a no-code interactive map builder. This Seattle-based startup originated as a viral crowdsourced map for trick-or-treating during Covid-19 and has since expanded its user base to over 300k users worldwide.
project #1
Command Center Redesign
Identifying the need
After receiving the brief and having the initial call with the stakeholders, I kicked off the project with secondary research. Keeping the budgetary constraints in mind, I gathered as much information as possible to identify issues in the current user flow. That included analyzing bug reports and customer feedback.
To help prepare for the next step, I led a brainstorming session with the team where we wrote down our assumptions regarding the current user experience of the command center.
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User Interviews
Focusing on map creators, I recruited 5 Proxi users to interview and try to understand how users currently utilize the command center and what pain points they encounter when using it.  Over the course of 1 week, I interviewed the users and analyzed the findings. I found that:
1. Users didn't know how to preview their maps.
2. Users found the command center view to be confusing because they could still see the "Add Point" button in the view-only mode.
3. Users wished to customize actions that viewers can take on the map.
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Ideating & Prototyping
I built a journey map to help me understand users' emotions better and prioritize essential tasks. Considering the tasks users needed to perform, I identified key features that needed to be built:
1. A way for users to preview their maps.
2. A way for map creators to customize the interface of their maps, including the map header and map actions.
3. An intuitive interface for map viewers unfamiliar with Proxi.
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Solution & Testing
I built a high-fidelity prototype in Figma based on user and business needs. My solution included the key features identified in the previous step, catering to both desktop and mobile users.
Affinity mapping resultsAffinity mapping results
After testing the prototypes with our team and 2 people that never used Proxi before, I discovered that map viewers struggled with sending maps to their phones. This led me to adding the "Send this map to my phone" button.
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Results & Next Steps
I delivered prototypes ready for development and this design has been in use since September 2023.  
I made design decisions based on insights gathered through user interviews and existing user data analysis. The next step in this project is to validate the new user experience through more thorough user testing and collecting user feedback. While I enjoyed working on this project, I found it challenging to do proper user research and usability testing in the startup environment where rapid development is the main goal.
project #2
Drawing on Maps
1. To add shapes and routes to the map, users need to use an outside resource.
2. There is no way to separately edit shapes added to the map.
To better understand the requirements of the project, I conducted internal and external secondary research. I examined past user feedback and customer support interactions that focused on drawing shapes on maps. This validated the need of an updated drawing-on-maps feature.
I then analyzed other tools with the capability to draw shapes and routes to learn the best UX practices for such tool. I learned that there are many different ways to build this feature; keeping that in mind, I began working on the user flow chart/sketches.
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I prototyped a desktop solution to effortlessly draw, upload, and customize shapes on a map. In addition to that, I designed a flow for mobile and desktop map viewers to see shape details.
Affinity mapping resultsAffinity mapping resultsAffinity mapping results
project #3
Proxi Backpack
1. Users need a way to organize and view their maps.
2. Proxi's dashboard, called "Backpack", hasn't changed since the first iteration, and it doesn't reflect the new features and updates.
3. Proxi needs a way to promote its paid subscription.
I designed a dashboard page where users are able to:
1. Easily navigate through their maps and view them in a list and card view.
2. Organize maps in folders.
3. See maps insights based on the user's subscription tier.
4. Quickly create a new map with the help of the new AI tool.
5. View community maps, also named "Discovery."
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Results & Reflection
This project was successfully developed and launched in July 2023. The new "Backpack" page received positive feedback from users, and Proxi team is using it as foundation to implement new features.
One thing I wish I had done differently is maintaining well-written and well-kept documentation. Due to the fast-paced nature of the startup environment, the new "Backpack" was developed before I could take the 'before' screenshots. This experience got me to research best documentation practices, and I have since developed my own plan for documenting and keeping track of projects. Although this situation is not ideal for my portfolio, I'm genuinely glad I had this experience because it taught me useful skills that are coming in handy on my freelance journey.